Workflow will SMS but not email

I copied a workflow. Changed the source table. Updated all the new fields <>, etc.
It is triggered based on Adds Only. So I go into the app, submit a form.

The workflow fires off the SMS …no problem.

But no email!

Was working fine on the original workflow. Anything I should be looking for that would prevent an email?

I am using a template. At first I built my own and added the doc ID. When that didn’t work, I had appsheet create the template and I just copied and pasted my original content. Any ideas?

Have you checked your spam folder?

What does the workflow log tell you?

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Again if I could think like you (rational human) I would have thought to check the log. Found a misspelled column name in my template!

Thanks for the reply and solution!



There’s so much to consider when troubleshooting! It’s often good to have someone around to give you a little nudge. :slight_smile:

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Quick followup question regarding the archiving and naming in Workflow…

Any suggestions where I could include the date in the name of the archived pdf? Currently I’m using a datetime type field in the Attachment Name. It’s breaking the date into a folder hierarchy. i.e. 3/21/2021 8:00:00 PM gives me a folder structure of Attachments/Reports/3/21/ 2021 8-00-00 PMfilename etc.

I’ll try to use an expression in the Attachment name field and see what happens but it doesn’t expressly state this is allowed.

Thought I would ask before I break something else. :slight_smile:

Use TEXT() to generate a custom-formatted timestamp, rather than using the raw DateTime column value. For instance, rather than:




See also:


Great tip! I added a virtual column to my table creating a Text out of my DateTime column. Then referenced the VC column in Archive File Name in my Workflow. This works great!

Thanks again for your time and knowledge share!

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