Workflow with ADDS_ONLY does not fire Action

I have a workflow that works fine with ALL_UPDATES but it does not fire with ADDS_ONLY ?

The Action being fired also works fine on demand with a button.

Any ideas? Is there a bug?

Perhaps you aren’t adding a row?

Yes I am adding a row.

It all works with the action buttons and a workflow firing on all changes.

I would be interested in seeing a sample app that does it on adds only.

Until then I will develop using another method.

Do you have a Workflow/Data Change and it should trigger an action when row is added or are you trying to trigger that action in a different way?

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I followed by the example in the help guide for updating a row in another table when a row is edited, which works.

Then I changed the Workflow to fire on Adds only.

1 Workflow and 2 actions

Are you triggering the Workflow from that another table? If yes, then that’s the reason. If you trigger an “Execute on a set of rows” + Update action, it’s updating an existing record and that won’t trigger “Adds” Workflow.