Workflow with link to another app using linktoform or linktoview

I have a workflow that in the email body I want to include a Link another App.
I want to autopopulate the destination app with the employee name…both apps have a field named “employee name”

What would the syntax be?
CONCATENATE(“”,LINKTOFORM(“New Form”, “Employee Name”, “Employee Name”)


Most, if not all, of the LINKTO…() functions have an optional app-id parameter:

LINKTOFORM( view-name [ , column-name , column-value ]…[ , app-id ] )

I have not tried this but I would think all you need is this:

          LINKTOFORM(“New Form”, “Employee Name”, [Employee Name], "desired app id")

it is not recognizing it as a “link” in the email everything from Hyperlink on is unclickable text…
does Hyperlink need something to let the system know it is a system function?
In the same email I have Supervisor Name: <<[Supervisor Name]>>
and it is working…

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Is the HYPERLINK() expression in the email template enclosed in << and >>?

<<HYPERLINK(LINKTOFORM(“New Form”, “Employee Name”, [Employee Name], "desired app id"))>>
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<<HYPERLINK(LINKTOFORM(“New Form”, “Employee Name”, [Employee Name], “f7708211-b23b-4e30-b3c0-923c10899c98”))>>

When I put the above code in my template…it doesn’t sent the email at all. If I take it out it sends, but then I don’t have the link.
In the past I have seen that indicates there is an error with the code.

Does the syntax look right?

The fields are right and the app id is right…

Just to test, remove HYPERLINK(), leaving only LINKTOFORM().

The proper formation of HYPERLINK() is this:

HYPERLINK( target-url , clickable-text )

It expects a second text parameter to insert as the text. So I image the function written as is was failing in the Workflow preventing the email from being sent.

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<<LINKTOFORM(“New Form”, “Employee Name”, [Employee Name], "f7708211-b23b-4e30-b3c0-923c10899c98”)>>

the above code in the template results in this line in the email:(not clickable)


if I add to the start of that and copy and paste it into a address bar it works…

I just need the to be added and it to be a link.

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I can not find the actual syntax for putting the links in the email template or the body of the email.
I am using the template.
I really would like to go to a form in another app…can not get the code to work.
I tried this…just to see if I could get something to work, and it doesn’t work either. It is a syntax error because if I have it in, the email does not send at all, if I take it out it works.

Do you see anything wrong with this?

Try placing the app-id in quotes.

I just tried inserting this into the Body of an email and received the following error message:

Because of the hyphen it thinks its an arithmetic operation.

By the way, going back and looking at the other posts, it looks like you had been using the UUID of the app and not the app-id. So I would try again but use the app-id - the value (or similar value if another app) you included in this latest post.


I must profusely apologize. :frowning: I have led you down a totally incorrect path. In your initial post you actually had this very close.

I was under the impression that the LINKTO…() functions returned a fully qualified URL. They do not. And because they are formatted to be used within the AppSheet environment, the results of these functions cannot just simply be concatenated onto the proper URL string.

For example, When I used LINKTOVIEW() the text returned in the email was like this


and cannot be used in the URL as is.

To Get a Clickable Link
So, trashing the idea of the LINKTO…() function I went back to the core URL. i was able to get a clickable link in my email by using this expression:

<<HYPERLINK(“”, “Go to View Here”)>>

Notice the placement of the “appName” variable and the “view” variable.

For whatever reason, the clickable text did not appear and I wonder if HYPERLINK() is actually of any use at all. What I received in the email body was like that below but the link did work.

I am not aware of any other functions that help with the creation of these links. I do know that we can manually insert the URL’s and concatenate in column variables to make the URL dynamic, e.g. to go to a Detail View for a specific row.

I hope this helps you more than I have so far! :woozy_face:

Clickable Link in Email