Workflow with multiple PDF attachments

Hi! I have a quick question regarding multiple attachments to a workflow. I have an existing workflow where a PDF work order is sent when a Service Ticket table status column is marked Resolved. We have changed our workflow a bit so for service tickets with follow up visits we can have multiple tickets where the value of the Job number column is the same. For example we might have 3 service ticket rows, all with the same job number column value completed on 3 different days with different work completed. I would like to make it so that once one of these rows with the same job number has it’s status column marked resolved, PDF work orders for all rows with that rows job number attaches to the emailed workflow. I know how to get the work flow to send and I know how to select all of the appropriate rows, just not sure how or if it’s possible to generate PDF work orders for all of the selected rows on a single workflow email. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!


You want all that 3 attachments to be sent in a single email workflow?


Yes sir.

Yes it can be done with a couple of tricks actually.


Hi Levent, my thoughts to send them as separate PDFs are as follow:

  1. Create a workflow that selects all service tickets with same job number with status of Open or Return Visit Required but not Resolved.
  2. Once any one of the those tickets have status changed to Resolved, we use a change data action to change all of the others to Resolved as well.
  3. Separate workflow emails all work orders for each of the separate tickets triggered by status of Resolved.

Do you think this makes sense? I want to ensure I understand getting them to send separately before I tackle getting them to send together.