Workflow working? Why no email sent?

I’m currently using free Appsheet and I’m the app co-creator

I have a datetime datatype [time] and a signature datatype [signature]

I wanted to create a workflow that checks [time] against NOW() and if the difference is <15min AND [signature] is blank, then sends out an email to me.

the expression is AND(TOTALMINUTES([time]-now())<15,ISBLANK([Signature]))

The test outcome is

Though the condition is TRUE, I did not receive any email

I went to check the audit history

. The condition shown is False?

Drilling further,

, the result is Success

So, now I’m confused.

  1. Did the workflow get triggered?
  2. If yes, why there was no email sent?


If the Condition evaluates as FALSE, the workflow is not run.


So we should look at the audit result instead even though the test of the workflow shows the condition as TRUE?

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Yep, and it is TRUE.


Unfortunately, I have no way to troubleshoot email problems, so I’ll have to refer you to Sorry. :frowning:

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Sorry. When you said it’s TRUE, may I know what you are referring to?

Ok but I also didn’t get any notification even if I change the settings to Notification instead of email. It’s only when I click on the execute button on the test workflow page, then I’ll receive the relevant notice (email or via phone)


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I may have not understood correctly…

So when the workflow test shows TRUE but the MatchesCondition evaluates as FALSE in the audit history,

the workflow will run or not run?

Seems like this is your problem right here?



My bad. Not Co-creator but owner/creator