Workflows - emailing "other" attachments

I am trying to attach a pdf doc to one of my workflows. I read this article but it is not helpful at all:

How can I do this?

Hi Tammi, I took a look, and yes, that help doc was not particularly helpful. My apologies! If you’re on G-Suite, try using this doc as an example. The syntax should be pretty intuitive if you’ve used expressions at all.

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Thanks Eddie. I’ve done attachment templates before. I’m struggling with the “other” attachments.

I have a pdf file I want to be attached. I added a file column to my sheet and attached the file, then tried to reference that column in the other attachment expression builder. But when the workflow triggers and sends the email no attachment comes through.

What are you seeing in Audit History regarding the attachment?

I got it to work. Thank you

If your PDF is from a child table, use this formula.

SELECT(Child Table[File],[Reff Column]=[_THISROW].[ID])

It works only by following these steps:

  1. Add the Parent and SAVE
  2. Add the Child
    3.Trigger the Workflow on the Parent table

Adding the Parent, the Child and trigger the workflow on the same time won’t work.

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Hi Tammi,
Can you share what you had to do to get it working?
I would like to update the docs with what you learned to make this easier for the next person.

I created a new smartsheet file just for the attachment and then was able to use the simple expressions: Attachments[File] and it worked!

Before I had added a row and column to my main sheet and it was giving me issues.