Workflows missing Triggers

I have a workflow that’s not triggering at the time expected but all conditions have been met by the record. The issue is sporadic as some do trigger. When I check the audit trail for an error or reference - there’s no audit info. The record for the example below should have triggered on 9/9/2021 at 11:24 AM. What am I missing?

Thanks everyone

The audit trail for the workflow should look something like this even if it fails the trigger:

But when I search for the time frame above, there is nothing at all for this workflow - not even a false workflow activity like above

Please contact Support for help with this.

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In the second screenshot there are a bunch of add/edit actions. To which of these should have the workflows been triggered?

Could you add information about the configuration of the workflows ?


Hi Dan, the trigger for the workflow is a record status change which does not appear here either but the status on the record in Google Sheets is the correct status that should have triggered the workflow. Note: The Google Sheet status is set to be triggered by the app - not manually. There are many that trigger successfully.

Ok, I think we are getting closer.

So the audit for the change that was supposed to trigger the workflow is not in the audit log either right ?

Does this happen only in one instance ?

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So far 3 instances have been reported by the client across the past 3 days. Nothing so far today

I think its better we continue the conversation of a support ticket. If you could send an email to we could go from there.

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Thanks Dan. I sent an email yesterday. Received the automated acknowledgement but no direct response as of yet.

Thanks again for your help

Hi Dan, I’ve still not received a response on this one and the client reported 3 more from today that have not triggered. Also, I received an email yesterday advising support requests should go to a particular contact form. Do you see my request there?