Workflows Stopped Sending Emails

Got several apps that use Workflows to trigger gDoc templates, and they get sent to email addresses. Somewhere in the past 2 hours, all of them just stopped working. At first I thought it was something I had done, but I’ve exhausted everything I know to do and checked everything I know to check. My workflows are triggered by the word “Sent” in one of my columns ([Invoice Status] and [Rate Confirmation] for example) and everything is and was working fine. Was just wondering if anyone else if experiencing this, or if anyone has any suggestions?

Brady - We are experiencing it also. I just contacted support, however, oursseemed to have stopped sometime around 10 am and 11 am central time. …

Text / SMS still works. Email doesn’t. We tried a variety of accounts, checked junk, etc.


THank you for the update. I’ve been here in panic mode ever since. Now I can breathe a little. Thanks

@Brady_Lovell @Matthew_Brown,
Please see Praveen’s post about current email issues:

see praveens note