Working on tip I learn from last week Office ...

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Working on tip I learn from last week Office hours, Dashboard - Behaviour, “Interactive Mode”

Created dashboard where i put various types of views.

Deck view works as “filter” to slice the other views, which is working fine and perfect.

For instance, after sorting views through deck view and then move to other view, like details view, it can view the filtered data only by clicking right / left pointing tiny triangle arrows.

However, clicking the view title to enlarge the view to full screen, the filter seems to be inactivated, but we see all the “views” rather than filter made on deck view keep applying after enlarge the detail views.

To keep the filter on deck view staying activated, i need to put the filter words on the top of the screen. This method works to filter the details view, but not ideal.

Is there any possibility to restrict the other views on dashboard with interactive mode, keep staying the selected items even seeing the dashboard items on full screen mode?

(tsuji koichi) #2

Furthermore, we have dashboard item, Gallery View as well.

View itself is filtered by selection on Deck view. When I click the images whichever it is, nothing is going to happen. Usually, it will enlarge the selected images on gallery view, but when it comes to interactive mode, it won’t. To achieve that, we need to make gallery view to screen mode (clicking view title) and go to full screen mode, but again, row filter on deck view is ignored, we will see the full set of images rather than filtered.