working with appsheet and google sheets. que...

(Marlon Geller) #1

working with appsheet and google sheets.


i have a spreadsheet with multiple “sheets” or “tabs” inside of it that already contain data, and i understand that each of those sheets can be imported into the appsheets app as a table. cool.

but can i create a fresh sheet/tab within the spreadsheet (that has the exact same structure as the other sheets, but contains no data yet) from within the mobile app and then start adding data to it?

to be even more specific: each sheet/tab within my google spreadsheet contains all of the data for 2 weeks worth of readings for one batch of a product. then, after that batch is completed, i like to start a fresh sheet for the next batch. so i’d like to be able to use the app to log the data of the current batch, but also to start a new batch (which would also create a fresh sheet within the spreadsheet).

is this possible?

(GreenFluxLLC) #2

No, creating new sheets/tabs from within AppSheet is not possible. But I think this would work better with Slices to segment the data, while keeping it all in the same sheet.

Slices: The Essentials