Working with stable/latest version of an App

Hi, I am having some doubts regarding the best way to work with versions on an App.

We have a Core Plan (previously called Pro) and we have developed an App which is almost ready for general use on the organization. So far we have deployed the application for some users (around 15) and as we recieve their feedback we are performing some changes.

I would like to perform changes on the app definition and users should get them right away (I understand that I want them to use the latest version). Recently I deleted the selected stable version, and it seems (to me) that it should work as intended. All users have the default app version selected

Which is the best practice for this?

(A) Is the app already working as intended? (see image below)

(B) Should I define each user to have the latest version (instead of the default)? It seems rather manual to do this

(C) Should I define a new stable version each time the app is modified?

Lastly, I cannot understand what does this message mean.

By default, all your users see the latest version of the app. If you are on an Enterprise plan, you can define a Stable Version instead


This means you can’t use the stable-versioning feature, unless you plan on purchasing an Enterprise plan (which is a lot more costly).

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