Working with table view (Q&A)

In this post I’d like to collate some information about how to work with table view.

First of all, here’s what we have in documentation:

The documentation explains that the “Table view shows information in a very compact way allowing you to quickly scroll to find a row” but, unfortunately, there’s no link to a detailed explanation regarding how to work with table view. I hope this “Tips & Tricks” post will constitute a temporary substitute for that documentation and that this post of mine will eventually be made obsolete by a better “official” documentation page from AppSheet.

I’ll present some common questions about how to work with table view and how they have been answered previously (or, provide my own answer here and there):

  1. How do I get headers to show?
    There are two advantages to showing headers in table view: 1) The meaning of the columns can be made clear and 2) the user can reorder the content of the table by tapping on any of the headers.
    UX --> Options --> Show column headers
    Hello! Is it possible to enable headers in th...
  2. How do I control column width?
    You need to save with “Save and Verify” (not the normal “Save”). However, as far as I can tell the “Maximum length” and “Minimum length” options for a given column don’t seem to affect the displayed column width.
    Also, in regard to image columns, the size and shape of the image does not seem to affect the width of these columns; even a one pixel image will result in a fairly wide column, unfortunately. I can understand having a maximum width that cannot be exceeded but I would think it would be nice if image columns could respond to tiny images by reducing the column width used in the table.
    Column width in table view does not take into...
  3. How do I shorten the header displayed in the table to reduce the width of the column?
    If you’d like to have a short, perhaps somewhat cryptic header (for example, an acronym) in the table view but would like to have a complete header for that column in the detail view you can put an expression like the following in the “Display name” space for that column:
    if(Context(“View”)=“Name of your table”,“CH”,“Complete heading”)
  4. How can I shorten the way dates are displayed in my table?
    Timestamps can be rather long (e.g. “9/3/2019 17:36:58”) and therefore will take up most of the horizontal space in your table if you display the raw data. If you make a new virtual column with the following expression “9/3/2019 17:36:58” becomes a much more compact “9/3,” leaving more space to display other data.
    (In this example “Date” is the name of the column containing the DATETIME stamp.)
    The shorter date in the virtual column can be display on the table itself but can be excluded from the detail view. Use the “Column order” portion of the view editor (UX --> Views) to determine which columns to include and the order in which they will be displayed.
    One more thought: I haven’t done this myself but, now that I think of it, one might choose to make a virtual column with an expression like the following to avoid losing too much real estate in the table:
    if(len[Long text]>10,concatentate(left([Long text],10),"…"),[Long text])
    For example, this would produce “Working wi…” as the truncated version of “Working with table view (Q&A)” since it is longer than 10 characters. Anything in [Long text] that is 10 characters or less would not be altered.
  5. How do I enable horizontal scrolling?
    UX --> Options --> Use horizontal scrolling
    Horizontal Scrolling Tables
  6. How do I embed actions in the lines of my table?
    Make the action a “Display inline” action. Here’s an example where a checkbox action is placed within the table:
    How to add a checkbox to a table view
    See also:
    Best practices for table inline action display
  7. Does “quick edit” work in table view?
    This is currently in beta:
    UX --> Views --> View Options
    I experimented with this for the first time today and it worked well. I may be rather dense but it took me a while to realize that I needed to tap on the “edit” icon displayed the header menu:
    Once I did that, I had no difficulty:

I hope some people, especially newcomers, find this Q&A to be useful. I was prompted to put it together because I just learned today how to use “Save and Verify” to adjust column width, even though I’ve been trying to work with table view for some time now. I thought there might be others who had not yet figured all of this out yet.

Currently, my Q&A has only the seven questions you see above. If there is another question and answer that you think should be added to this list, please put it in a comment. Thanks!


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