Would it be possible to suppress the edit but...

(Parkdean Resorts Apps) #1

Would it be possible to suppress the edit button on a form by request ?

I know i can set the data to read only, however this is too restrictive because I still want to be able to make modifications either with actions or with quick edit fields but I don’t necessarily want the user to be able to go into the standard edit form.

(Arnaud B.) #2

i’m interessted too ! Translate

(tsuji koichi) #3

Hi Did you tried to go to “action” and “show system action” . select the Edit action you want to hide, and set it up “hide” .

At the same time, why dont you use “quick edit” although it would become view type rather than “form” type i understand.

(Parkdean Resorts Apps) #4

That’s perfect - I didnt know you could do that - thanks very much!

(tsuji koichi) #5

@Anton_Jungreuthmayer Glad to hear you could sort it out!