Would like clarity on users on my deployed app please

Please someone define for me the usage graphs for my deployed app on Publisher Pro.

I have deployed a free, public app NOT for personal usage. Users can view in browser or (apparently, though still not got absolutely clarity on this) can download. I do not have a subscription per app user (and backed off deploying for COVID-19 as required too much time and attention to manage this properly).

Do these charts mean between 1 and 4 people are actually looking at my app, or is this just the people who have downloaded it?

Appsheet would be fantastic for testing new data-based app ideas. It is just not keyed up for it and doesn’t manage expectations for independent app creators such as me. I’ve given feedback on how to convey clarity and good signposting to save people a lot of time, and would use again to test more ideas now I know the parameters.

I would love to know if viewers in browser on the free public, (am being as specific as possible to avoid vague answers) Publisher Pro app are logged in the charts above or not. My subscription does not harvest data (though they are warned I do, which has put off many people) and I suspect the free users seeing app are not logged there. Just those invited by email

Thanks in advance

A deployed app can be accessed either with a web browser or as an app.

To use as an app, the user must be given the app link (included in the email they receive when invited) and must click on the link from their device. The user will be prompted to install the AppSheet app itself (if not already installed) before actually running your app.

The AppSheet app is required to use AppSheet apps that have not been “white-labeled”.

“App users” are actual users of the app: users that have opened and interacted with the app, either in a browser or as an app.

They are included.

All apps and all websites “harvest” some information. At the very least, the user’s internet address (their “IP address”) is collected. If your app requires sign-in, the user’s email address is also collected (being required for sign-in).

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your reply. It is all non-specific to my actual situation I tried to describe and does not answer my question:

I’ll try again

What usage information do I get as app creator from people who view this specific link to view in browser ONLY.

I have deployed a free public app on Publisher Pro. No personal use, no download to device, no sign in required, no uploading photos or using forms.

Just this link:


We’re all speaking English here, but it is such hard work to get on same page.

So, using the link above to see my reference only app prototype (deployed: Publisher Pro only, no licenses per user), do people who look at my app get counted? is this graph I posted above showing every person who has followed that link? or just people who have downloaded and signed in from an email invite on my whitelist?

hope this clarifies a bit better what I want to know. Phew!

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

Thanks Steve, seems to take forever to get clarity about Appsheet. Very frustrsting. even had emails with Praveen, which didn’t provide much more clarity.