Would like some help with yes/no expression

Hey App Heroes!

The villain is on the loose, and his name is failed workflow expression!

I have a yes/no expression that I have been reworking many a time, and it is failing to get anyone notified:

I am attempting to notify the dispatcher of a driver that has departed from the shipping yard and is en route. I have a yes no column labled [En route] and am attempting to make 5 different notifications (one personalized for each driver).

The expression I am currently (of the many) using is:
([En route])=true)

I have also tried [En route]=true& [Driver Name]=“John”

Any more effective expressions would be HUGELY appreciated.

Thanks for helping protect my sanity,

Wesley Whitaker

    [En route]
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For some reason that expression is not working either. Maybe my app is glitching?

What results do you get when you test from Expression Assistant? Screenshot, please.

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I’m guessing your logged-in email isn’t the one in the expression?

Hi Steve, thank you for your input. Good morning to you.

That email is mine, yes.