Would moving the Data Source Sheet Location affect the app?


I am working on app which is more than half way but I want to change the location of the Source File in my Google Drive. Will it affect the application or it would autodetect the new location.

Also, I want to change the name of the file, Is that possible too ?

Hi @Manish_Jain1

In Google Drive environment, files are identified with a unique ID, which you can read in the URL when you open it for example.
Something like:


Location and names have no impact with using AppSheet.
You can see that in the Storage section of your table as well:
Data/Table/(pick a table)/Source Id : DocId=1azertyuiopqsdfghhjklwxcvbn123456789

However, if you have some images to redirect, you may want to look into the Section Info/Properties/Default app folder.


Great then. I think I am good to go. Thanks mate.