Wrap text feature in Long Text Column?

I was wondering if there was a way to edit the long text box , when my users are completing a report they can not see what they are writing because the text does not wrap, and just continues on a single line, is there a way to add wrap text to this feature?

Longtext does allow for text wrapping - in fact it’s one of the only differences between text v. LongText.

It should happen automatically when typing more than one line’s worth of characters in a LongText field.

  • I have come across some rendering errors when trying to edit a field
    • these would appear like what you’re describing (only showing one line instead of the “box growing”)
    • but they usually clear up if I leave the form and return.

Thanks for the reply, when the form is saved i can see all the text, but during input it doesn’t wrap for some reason. This particular column contains lots of text in this field, but as you can see it doesn’t wrap, just moves the text along so its hidden.
Wrap Text
(see pic attached

What does that column look like in AppSheet?

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That looks like a basic Text type column, not LongText.


There’s your problem - I imagine. That’s what it looks like at least.