Wrong info inputted in Google Sheets

I have 2 tables. List of employees and Issued Vouchers. Under List of employees I have Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Employee ID, and Full Name (it has a concatenate formula). Under Issued Vouchers I have Full Name (referenced to List of Employees), and Employee ID ([Full Name].[Employee ID]. Whenever I click save on the form, the data inputted in my sheets under the column Full Name reflects Employee ID instead of Full Name. Did I do something wrong why this happens? I followed a guide by AppSheet on Youtube with title " How to Create Dereferences | AppSheet"

That sounds like correct behavior to me, since in this instance Full Name is a Ref type column and reference columns store the ID field of the referenced table.

Thank you for replying so quick. Is there a way that under the Full Name column still be the Full Name information. Because as of now, both columns have Employee ID information are saved.

In Issued Vouchers table you should probably rename your columns.
Full Name should become EmployeeReference and Employee ID should really be Employee Name and then do [EmployeeReference].[Full Name].

The way you currently have it set up just records the referenced Employee ID twice.

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Thank you! I just added another column and it worked. But the raw data has duplicated now. It doesn’t matter though as long as it works. Thank you!

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