Wrong percent display card

I get wrong bar display in card when i change to percent type. In my data already change in percent.
When i change to decimal its display the right number, but if i change to percent its wrong display of card. Anyone can solve this?

Hey @Syahirul_Alim, welcome to the community.

First: you might check out the following post; it’s full of tons of helpful tips to help you get stared with using the community to find answers.

It’s difficult telling exactly what’s wrong from your screenshots; there’s no indication of what the percent SHOULD be, where to look, etc.

I’m thinking though, what’s happening is you’ve got the data in the wrong format.

For example: if you had 25.36 in the cell:

  • that wouldn’t translate to 25.36%…
    • it’s really 2536.00%

If that’s the case, you need to divide all your numbers by 100.

  • so the number is really 0.2536 – this translates to 25.36%

Also check that the column in your sheet is marked as a percent, this can have an affect on things.


Maybe its a bug, when i change the digit of decimal it give different view like picture above. When digit decimal set with “2”, it give wrong bar display, but if i change digit decimal with “0” or “3”, its give right bar display like the picture.

And now its has been already solved. Maybe its have been fix by the developer.

Thanks for your attention @MultiTech_Visions.