Wrong UX Data shown but slice test

Hi Guys,

I am adding a slice to filter out items from my REPORTS table and the test feature shows the right data. But then when I make a view of this slice it shows a completely different table - CUSTOMERS.

I have had a similar issue before on the 3rd of Feb this year and was advised that I had to redo the app… !!!

This only happens when this view is shown as part of a Dashboard but it works when it is placed on its own.

Can someone please advise me on what might be wrong here?


Most likely the app is not navigating to the view you think it is. You can verify this in the emulator at the bottom. It shows the view AND the datasource the view is using - “Table” can be a table or a slice.

In a Dashboard, you will need to show the questioned view in “full screen mode” to confirm the actual view and datasource being used. If you are inspecting it in the emulator, you might need to place it into the “Tablet” mode to see the “full screen” button. See second image

Tablet view of app


Thanks, it eventually started working fine. After a refresh or two.


Yes. I have noticed on a few occasions where I make a change that doesn’t seem to take effect and then after several minutes it magically starts to work. I suspect that occasionally, there is a delay in the edited change making its way into “compiled” app. It doesn’t seem to happen very frequently. So infrequent in fact that I forget about this suspected delay.

It probably explains why I am bald on one side of my head!!! ( no not really…its just a joke!)