X/Y Map - using Google sheet as the background image

I have a google sheet - i am using the url as my X/Y image. Wheni put this in as the “Background image for the XY Coordinates” i get this error:


This is my google sheet (map) i wanted to use:

Enclose the URL in quotes.

Ok - the quotes made the error go away - now my map shows nothing?

Your URL doesn’t point to an image.

Hey @Tiger, like Steve mentioned, XY map layers only work if they’re PNG or JPG images - try taking a screenshot of that sheet and pointing to that.

Thanks Steve and Peter- Steve your link did it! As usual you have all the right tools!!!

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One more thing:

Why does it show it over and over - if i scroll to the left or right?

This is a known bug:


Is there anything to do about this bug?