Xls spreadsheet data gets deleted when updating a record

Hi, I’m new to AppSheet. I was trying to create an easy tracker for some projects based on an excel spreadsheet. It created fine and was testing it out. I was updating a record and I add a line break in my comments section (Long Text) and after i refresh it, I get an error and open the datasource and it’s all empty. I have to go back an restore an earlier version to get it back. I’m not sure what is causing this. Can someone assist or might be able to offer a reason why.

here is the error after i try and update the data:

Unable to fetch app definition.

Error: Unable to read the spreadsheet for ‘ProductManagement-4836726:1.000018:Projects’ due to spreadsheet reader error: ’ ’ is an unexpected token. The expected token is ‘;’. Line 62, position 15. Error: Data table ‘ProductManagement-4836726:1.000018:Projects’ is not available Error: Data table ‘Projects’ is either inaccessible or empty.

Thank you.


That’s weird. I would take that to Appsheet support. https://www.appsheet.com/support/contact

In general, I’d advise not using XLS files as an Appsheet data source. Although it should work fine, GSheets just provides a superior experience.


Thanks. I will contact them… and also switch my datasource to sheets as it’s a native g suite product which should work flawlessly.