XY base image

Hello all! My problem is that the Default XY base image which is taken from a lookup table does not show. The reason is that the underlying child (related) map location still has no pin placed. Only after an existing pin has been earlier placed does the base image appear correctly.
How do I display the base image (not the Google map!) even when no pin has yet been placed?
Big thanks for any clue or solution!

When you create the image, you can use the add a row action to put a dummy pin on the map…

@Adam This has been brought up in a few other locations… Currently when there is no pin, we see just a google map usually… It would be better if it was anything else…


Yes thanks, I was thinking along that line too :slightly_smiling_face: I just thought there was a conditional expression that would work!

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No, unfortunately… the table of “Points of interest…” would be filtering down to nothing, thus no reference for the system to lookup… So you basically need to add a dummy pin… or get crazy with conditionals to make sure you don’t show a blank list to anyone…

hi, you mentioned an event action on a row, could you elaborate on this pls? thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

when you are creating the record for the background image, you could fire an “On Save” action to add the dummy pin to the “pin table”

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@Jorge_Carreon I’ve reported this bug here:

In the mean time you have to use a dummy pin. But you can make this Dummy Pin transparent, so it doesn’t show up :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for these tips! Yes indeed I can make the pins transparent, I can find how, but if you can tell me now it’ll make my life less difficult.
I also am able to add the dummy pin, but manually for each child. How do I create a batch action for all the children without pins?
Thank you again for any advice :blush: