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Gidday Grant,
Thanks very much for the feedback. Very much appreciated.
I’d love to know more about how you are utilising this feature. Looks like you have been with Appsheet for quite some time.

I am specifically interested to explore: .

  • Printing the image with the pins marked up on the image. I explored the Printing side with Aleksi and Lavent (Able3) for a good few weeks and we couldn’t find a solution anywhere that would integrate etc
  • Changing the shape of the pins. eg develop an electrical plan with trade specific location icon / pins etc I haven’t fully investigated the changing pin icon much to be honest, but wondering if you’ve managed to do this as a super user.

I am a non IT person and still on my Learners plates, but have a few apps in the market.

Great meeting you.


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Yes, we have developed a pretty decent workaround to get the images with the pins however you need them. It’s a lot of fuss though. We basically ensure the image is public, dynamically create HTML for the image and pins and then pass it to an html to image converter and bring it back to the app. Very effective, but quite complex. We were doing this to include in stock appsheet template reports. Further, Appsheet is still working diligently to develop a better linktofilteredview situation. However, that wouldn’t let you put trade specific markers.

If you would like to take this offline we could dig into it a bit more.

With this you will get an image with pins, don’t you? That’s for printing only, or do you use it also in the App? As I remember, the Icons are limited to Font Awesome.

Yes, we create an image for use in the app… We load the HTML pass it to the service, then drop the image back in. Then that image can be used in card views, reports, etc… It’s honestly more work than it’s worth…

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Read through the feed and couldn’t find a solution… just figured I’d check… has anyone been able to figure out a good way to display the coordinates on a custom map for reporting purposes in a reasonable way?