XY coordinates generator for images

Hi everyone, so I found this XY generator for images online:

You can upload your image, then select the pixels you want, and it will generate an XY table like this:

I used that data for the XY column of the Background Image in my app, but the pins are not shown.

Can anyone tell me if XY coordinates generated are correct, can they be referenced to the pixel? Or do the coordinates always have to be georeferencedÂż


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Those do not look like appsheet styled coordinates… If I’m not mistaken appsheet is 0 to 100 basically as a percentage of height or width.


Thanks @Grant_Stead, what would be an easy way to obtain those kind of coordinates? Is there any app online for that that you May know?

I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish, or why you would need an external service…

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Hi @Nicolas_Feldman. @Grant_Stead is right.

XY : models a location inside an image, such as a location on a custom map or schematic. XY refers to an X axis value and a Y axis value defining a position within the selected image, where 0, 0 corresponds to the top-left corner and 100, 100 corresponds to the bottom-right corner.

Please give us more insight of what you want to do, so we could help.



Basically you would need to calculate like that:

(198 / Image width pixel * 100) , (163 / Image height pixel * 100)

Now you can use it in AppSheet.


Thanks for the backup!
My curiosity is why you would need this… Why not just do the “mouse clicks” directly in Appsheet…


Hi Grant,
Im trying to accomplish because I wont have the app available at the work site, and need to generate those XY coordinates while offline.


Hi @Nicolas_Feldman could you share an example image you are using? I’m very curious. It sound’s like an interesting use case. :slight_smile: