XY Dereference


I have an XY column and an Image column and i can setup a location on the image.

I can’t seem to find a way to get that data in another table. when i have a ref between tables, if i would like to get a related image i would do: [ID].[IMAGE] and that should do it. However, it seems like the location on the image is not stored on the image itself but rather a combination. Is there a way to get that data to another table?



How do i get the image and location in another table?

Trying again, any way to derefernce an XY column?

Your original question is still unclear. Your follow-on questions also make no sense given the context. Consider restating your problem in a different way.

I have a table with XY column that i use on an image. If i want to derefernce in another table the image and the XY location on it, how do i do that?

You can dereference a column in table A from table A, but you cannot dereference a column in table A from table B, which seems to be what you’re asking to do. Perhaps you are misusing “dereference”?

If you want to reference a column in table A from table B, you will need to dereference a column in table B that references a row in table A.

What’s your end goal? Where and how are you trying to use this?

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Table A:
Floor ID

Table B:
Area ID

Table C:
ref to table A - Floor ID
location - a derefernce needed to table A location

ref to table B - Area ID
location - a derefernce needed to table B location

i want my form to include in the end the location data on the image of Table A and Table B

I think you just need to set the XY background image correctly…
REF table A
DREF the table A XY column and in the background image part you need to Dref the image column from A

Repeat for table B

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@1111 In my experience, DEREF an Image for XY Background is not that easy. I have an App where this is not working when [Image] is a “real” column. But it is working when [Image] is a virtual column.
I thought about reporting this as a Bug to AppSheet.