XY is loosing the connection to the parent

When I add a record via the “+” Button, the child will loose the parent.
What am I missing?
Please see this Video:


Maybe this has to do with the fact, that it is not opening my own map view, but a view called “google-map” like explained here:

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I too made an app where I have several images and observed this issue - would love to know if it can be fixed.

Another Bug: The XY background image disappears when I add a new Pin.

Adding @Peter @Aleksi @morgan

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Hi @Aleksi. Any chance to fix this bug until Tuesday? I will have a presentation of this App…

I suggest you reach out to support@appsheet.com directly if your need is time-critical.

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Issue 1 - the add button for the map xy view. I have never gotten this to work correctly, as you are also having trouble with it. What I do, is hide those automatic actions, and instead add a action button for the detail view that comes up when you select a pin. So, to add a new pin, you have to click on a current pin, and then choose an action. The action that worked for me was a LINKTOFORM where the xy background is automatically set as the vehicle/parent/etc that you want. This also means that you can never be without a pin to select, I believe I set an initial 50, 50 pin when the image was added.

Issue 2 - disappearing images. I haven’t run into this specifically, but the XY column is picky about it’s background images. I never use a direct image input column for the background, always a URL. I have only found a way to set an uploaded image url from a workflow rule, because it has to be fired after the system writes the key for the row. So I make a url after an image is submitted, use that as the xy background, and then open a view to add/view a pin. I don’t know if this will solve your disappearing background, but it might.

IFS(ISNOTBLANK([Image]),SUBSTITUTE(("https://www.appsheet.com/template/gettablefileurl?appName="&"my-app"&"&tableName="&"my-table"&"&fileName="&[image]), " ", "%20"))

I guess you could just through this in a virtual column, I don’t remember if I didn’t do that for a specific reason.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience @Rosemary_Black.

Issue 1 - I will try to use the self made Action as well.

Issue 2 - I also use an URL. You can’t use a direct image input column for the XY Background Image. It has to be a URL. I use this method. By saving the Parent, I set up a forced sync. So it will save the image and the URL will be ready for the XY Background Image.

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I had been emailing @Adam and he put in a fix for the parent REF issue… Is that “still” an issue?

@Grant_Stead Thank you very much. Indeed my first post seems to be fixed.
But my second post is still a problem. The XY background images disappear. Also when I do a sync.

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UGH… This XY situation seems so close… But it’s just currently unusable…

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@Fabian @Rosemary_Black @Bellave_Jayaram
FYI, I hit up support again about this, and made a fun video for them… I have a meeting coming up, and ift really like this functioning. Have y’all came up with any sort of work around, or have any ideas?

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I’ll take a look at mine and see if I can figure that out. I haven’t had that problem before, but I haven’t allowed adding pins in the dashboard like you did.

@Grant_Stead It’s not just you, none of my background images are displaying right now for xy columns. I don’t know how long it hasn’t been working, but mine aren’t working either. I was going to see if I could help you with your disappearing problem, but I can’t load mine at all now.

The ones I have set up with static URLs aren’t working either, the xy images just aren’t showing at all. I guess I will have to send in a support ticket for this as well.

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@Rosemary_Black and @Fabian in talking with Nico the issue that were experiencing is still related to the referencing. Nico thinks he has a good fix and is going to do a peer review, and said he hopes it gets posted next week.

@nico do you mind posting here once the fix has posted. Appreciate you.


Thank you @Grant_Stead for reporting this. It now seems to be quite stable.

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That’s awesome!
I’m about to do some testing :slight_smile:
Super excited about this feature!


Everything seems to working well.
Thanks @nico !