XY Location Base Image Problem

I have a need to assign different base images to each row stored in a column XY Location

I set the image by using the code in a SWITCH

This seems to work Ok until I click on the image to move the location, for example.

It then displays the No Image map.

Any ideas as to why and how I can stop this?

Is this happening when you add the record or when you are editing the existing one?

When is Detail View. If I click on the Column XY Location the XY Map is shown. If I then click on the XY Map the No Image is shown

Little bit difficult to follow your steps…
#1 - You have a detail view
#2 - You click the location icon on your “XY Location” field
#3 - XY Map is shown
#4 - Now you click the location icon from that map view so you can set the location
Is that correct? What happens next?

Yes, Aleksi, that is the correct sequence of events

When I click the location map then the app appears to lose the base image and reverts to the image I’ve setup if the SWITCH statement fails

@Steve_Fuller Please send your email to aleksi@appsheet.com and I will share a test app.