XY multiple drawings

I have an inspection app for a facilty with 5 floors. I have the blueprints of each floor in a pdf file. How do i use the pdf to pin locations and how do i make it so i can add more than one pdf?

You need to convert PDF to image file. If your PDF files multiple pages then you split those to separate image file and use for xy type column background images.

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What do you mean background?

I interpret your requirement to use PDF as background image for XY type column to place pins over, like we do map.

Lets say i have a table with inspection points. There is: ID, Inspection point name, image, xy location?

I don’t know what you mean.

These are my table columns:
ID, Inspection point name, Image, Location

Each inspection has a different location, some locations on the same image and some on other images, is that possible?

What the data type for your location field?

Change Xy type image for backs round is surely possible as we are now able to use expression .

XY column

What is your business workflow where you need to change the background image ?

Inspection point name?

Do you have master table for inspection point and you have ref connection?

Yes, the inspection names are on different images

How do i allow more than one background image?

My suggestion is you create master table for inspection point and name. For this table add image column and you save background image down there for each point.

Go to table and set the ref type to inspection name field.

Then go to XY location field and make sure this is set to XY type.
You have place to select background image for this field . Add deref expression [inspection place name].[background image]

Overall, looks something like this.

This should dynamically change background image based on the selection of inspection place name.

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So, i have done that and i get no image on my map view. this is the link i created for my image:


Dont use google drive link. If you want I need to borrow to borrow trick from @Fabian

Hi Fabian I lost the link to your post telling us how to twist google drive URL to work on appsheet?

While we wait for, please follow my guide how to store image for background.
You created table for master ? And image field? Then upload your image converted from PDF.

That s my suggestion to you.

I have a master table: ID, INSPECTION NAME, IMAGE
second table: ID, INSPECTION NAME(Ref), location(XY)

In the XY background i wrote: [inspection name].[image]

How was the result?