XY type : Possibility to pinpoint and then choose from the existing items

Hi Community,

Most of my apps use the map view with XY type so as to locate equipments on industrial sites.
It represents thousands of items per site.
The problem is that the list of equipment exist already but these are not located yet on the Map (XY column is empty).

Currently, the users have to search the equipment from a table view (or similar but not a map unfortunately), edit the XY type column of that equipment, select the good map and the pinpoint. This is highly time consuming.

My users need the ability to place the pin on the Map and then being able to select the equipment Key from the same table. In other words, in the form, the ability to edit an existing equipment by starting from the pinpointing feature.
That would save a looooot of time.

Is there a solution or a workaround?