XY view all pins in map

Is it possible to add an action that shows all the related pins in the related location?

like this view

Thanks in advance

You could do that with a LINKTOFILTERED deep link action. Please check this article…

Many thanks for the quick answer, Ill try

You’re welcome

I have tried: LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“google-map”,[Facility ID] = [_THIS].[Facility ID])

but I can’t find the google-map view

I have tried also: CONCATENATE("#page=map&table=Inspection%20Points&mapcolumn=Point%20Location&row=",([_THISRow].[Facility ID]))

but still, it goes to the same map

You need to create your own map view first and then use that for your action.

OK thanks, I manege to make it happen

First I created a Map view ("map") and configured the pins location as “map column”
and then I added new action {go to another view…} with the formula below:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("map", [Facility ID] = [_thisrow])

works perfectly!

thanks again Aleksi!!!

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You’re welcome