Year Expression

Hey All,

Im new to appsheet and I am working on an expression that I am probably making a huge mess of.

I have a column called [CONDITION] which has an enum list 1-5 value
I also have a column called [DATE] which is todays date

I would like the user to select [CONDITION] “Which is a year value” and my expression would be as follows:

This Expression will fill a blank column called [renewal date].

What I want it to show is the date in which the user must replace an item

in data terms it would be [05/04/2021+(2x365.25 days) hopefully displaying = 05/04/23

I hope that makes some sense to somebody lol


  DATE("1/1/" & (YEAR([DATE]) + [CONDITION]))
  + ([DATE] - DATE("1/1/" & YEAR([DATE])))
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Steve you are a legend, works great :slight_smile: