Yes/No Check bo

I have yes/no fields I’d like them to appear as box checked/unchecked everywhere, in list, details and edit. current they appear as Y/N

I made some progress using actions still the boxes for the same field in this example isActive do not align in list view and then in details view I still have Y plus box checked

any tip to have all Yes/No simply appear as checkboxes everywhere otherwise if actions needs to be created for all it will just be really tricky to maintain

thanks for your help

in list view

in detail view

in edit view

Hi @jeanseb
You could make an enum and paste in emoji like this.


@Lynn thanks for the tip, this works well for list display view ;-p I created a virtual column
using formula

as otherwise I can not cast the emoji to my true/false values in the existing column ie I need base type to still be Yes/No

also enabling quick edit if I pass in edit mode I can get check boxes, it is a pity the view list still shows Y/N :

somthing weird is yes/no columns appear with no header name so if I have 2 yes/no columns isActive and isDefault I get this :
I will work it around with virtual columns and emoji

now in detail view I switched to enable quick edit which makes the Yes/No fields “sliders” instead of Y/N so this is an acceptable workaround even if user experience consistency will be lower.



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