Yes/No Columns Missing Header

Is there an option to have action columns display a header? I have a Yes/No column type and in a table view the header are not visible.

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I believe for certain column types that have asssociated standard icons( URL, email) , specific rendering (color, progress), and the toggle behavior ( Y/N), column headers are not displayed in table view most probably to conserve headings space.

Please refer the section “Displaying Column Headers” in the article below

Workaround for Y/N Column: You may create an Enum column with options "Yes"and “No” to display headers.

@Kyle_Grieb is this what you’re talking about?

How there’s no label for the column with the button displayed?

I don’t think there is a way to turn that on, might change this to a feature request - I’d vote.

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Just in case anyone is still looking for solutions to this. Not only does this work. But you won’t even need to change any other expression based off the column. They are 100% equivalent in terms of usage. It would be nice if maybe @Steve could update that doc with this workaround when people want to keep the header.