Yes/ No Expression for Value in Related Table

I have a Service Location table with related Service Location Repairs table. I have a deck view to display service locations that are scheduled in the [Today] date column to receive service. I’m trying to write an expression for a format rule that says if the in the completed service location repairs records the column [Timestamp] equals Today() then color the location name in the deck view green.

The deck view is build on the Service Locations table.

I’m using this but it isn’t working. IN(Today(), Service Location Repair[Timestamp])

Any ideas?

Use the [Related… list column like this

ANY(Select([Related Service Location Repairs][Timestamp] , [Timestamp]=TODAY() ))

Returns TRUE if any items in [Related… are for today


@1minManager This was perfect. Thank you.

As a note to those who come along later my Timestamp column was set to DateTime which initially caused the expression, while valid, to do nothing. I had to add a Date only column which accomplished my goal. Kept DateTime as it was needed for other purposes.

Thank you again.