Yes/No type filed to displayed as if Enum when they are on detail view with quick edit mode

It is some time since we got new labelling feature for yes/no field, where we are able to define the label name for Yes/No value which eventually makes yes/no type field works as if Enum while the value being stored in the backend data base is true or false regardless of label values.

However, when we push this yes/no fields to quick editable field on the detail view, the native behavior not changing, the toggle button is given to the user without the label value, which is giving additional confusion. I would say this is bit a buggy behaviro, but let me post this as feature request.

Just display label value (basically two options all the time) with button selection when we set the quick edit mode on for detail veiw against yes/no field with label values.

Thank you.

Hi Koichi, it’s a good point. I think we can change this to use the button select here when there are custom labels.


Hi Adam, thank you.
Looking forward to seeing the implementation of this soon.

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