Yesterdays update wiped out my Workflow email...

(Steven Colby) #1

Yesterdays update wiped out my Workflow emails and SMS.

Are you guys aware and fixing this?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Adding @Philip_Garrett_Appsh

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Yes, we are investigating.

(Steven Colby) #4

Your previous post recommended I revert to a version of January 1. What I’m trying to explain to you is Google sheet changes that have occurred since January 1 will make that reversion problematic

(Philip Garrett) #5


What sort of Google Sheet changes have you made since 1/16/2019 7:01:11 PM UTC?

Put another way, have you used the AppSheet Editor to modify your app definition since that time? For example, have you added or remove columns from the sheet that required you to regenerate the table schema? Have you made any other changes to your app using the Editor since that time. I am trying to determine if you have edited your app definition since 1/16/2019 7:01:11 PM UTC?

I am not talking about the changes to the data values stored inside your Google Sheets. Those data value changes will be preserved.

When you revert to an earlier version of your app, you are simply restoring the app to the way it

appeared in the Editor as of the version you restore. In your case that is the version of the app that appeared in the Editor prior to 1/16/2019 7:01:11 PM UTC.

Is this clear?

(Philip Garrett) #6


Sorry Steve. Can you provide: 1. Account id 2. App name 3. Workflow rule name

(Steven Colby) #7

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh ColbyCO

All rules with Names ending in sms or email

(Steven Colby) #8


The two field change that you’re referring to must be a consequence of your update. I made no such change. I had Twylo configured for all of the SMS, that information is now all gone. On the email workflows I had very detailed information in my subject headers which has all been stripped and is no longer present in my application. I’m sure if you look at my version just before your update you could see all the data that was lost

(Philip Garrett) #9


Let’s first restore your app to a working state.

The easiest way to do that is to revert to version 1.2616 from 1/1/2019.

The step by step instructions for restoring that version can be found in topic “Restoring an Old Version” in this article - Viewing or Restoring an Old App Version

Once we get the app working again we can work with you to figure out what went wrong. Viewing or Restoring an Old App Version

(Steven Colby) #10

This is going back quite a ways I’m concerned that changes in my Google sheet will make this incompatible

(Steven Colby) #11

@Steven_Colby The recommended version of 1.2616 does show the logic that has been removed.

Below is a sample from 1.2616 on an

Email workflow showing

Email Subject CC->[Type][SIP][SDT][<>][WhereAt][<>][SubID][<>][O][<<USERSETTINGS(“UserName”)>>][Status][<>][TaskID][<>]

Are you proposing I cut and paste all of this logic back into the new version.

(Philip Garrett) #12


The steps I suggested above, and have repeated below,

will restore version 1.2616

with just a few clicks on your part. Doing this will restore your app to the condition it was in just before 1/16/2019 7:01:11 PM.

The step by step instructions for restoring that version can be found in topic “Restoring an Old Version” in this article - AppSheet Help Center - Viewing or Restoring an Old App Version AppSheet Help Center

(Philip Garrett) #13


Hi Steven,

It appears that your app was updated on 1/16/2019 7:01:11 PM.

When that change was made, the “To” property in the following five SMS workflow rules were changed to your email address. They should contain a phone number. The workflow rules are failing because the “To” number value is invalid.

I am seeing this problem in the following rules:

  1. UserChangeSMS 2. ReminderLogAddText 3. ReminderChangeText 4. SubTaskChangeText 5. TaskLogAddText

I am not seeing any email workflow failures. Can you tell me exactly which email rule is failing and the approximate time of the failure?

You can use the Audit History to locate email workflow failures. This article describes how to do that - Troubleshooting Workflow Emails

Troubleshooting Workflow Emails