You have not a button to receive payments th...

(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #1

You have not a

button to receive payments through a credit card?

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

Nope, not currently. However, we have done this with scripting.

(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #3

OMG How do I do that… i did an ecommerce tool to receive payments through awire transfer… but people wish to pay using a credit card… How could I see an example of that scripting

(Bellave Jayaram) #4

What country are you in and what payment platform(s) are you considering?

(Stephen Mattison) #5

@Bellave_Jayaram Where can we find a Walkthrough instructions on how to do credit card payments in our Apps?

I like Stripe because I think AS uses them, I also like PayPal because everyone in the World knows PayPal and will trust/adopt easier.

Payments would help SO many budding Developers actually make some money with their Apps!

Would make Apps 500% more powerful & compelling!

We would not need to charge very much to build Apps if we had Payments and could make a little money based on each transaction in our Apps.

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(Marlon Xavier Medina Cisneros) #6

I am in Ecuador, and Stripe or Paypall will be the Target or some other @Bellave_Jayaram