Your Microsoft access token has expired


I changed my Office365 password today and now I get the following error…


“…Your Microsoft access token has expired. Please log out of AppSheet and then log back in through OneDrive or Office365…”

I’ve tried the following but still get the error message:

  • Logged out of AppSheet
  • Logout out of and back into Office365 and OneDrive
  • Rebooted twice

Please advise if I’m missing something?

Cheers… :slight_smile:

Please contact for help with this.

Will do… Thanks @Steve

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Did you log out, and back into the app? Or the editor?

I think you have to log into the website as the app owner to reset the token, not just as an app user.

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Hi @GreenFlux,

I was in the editor then logged out from My Account > Sign Out

After logging into O365 and OneDrive I then logged into: with my App Owner Gmail account.

Was that right…?

I have emailed support but I was hoping it was just me doing something silly…?


Thanks @Steve and @GreenFlux

Support were super fast and have come back with the following:

"…taking a look at your account, it looks like your AppSheet authentication provider and default data source is Google, but you have Microsoft set up as a second data source.

Please go to the AppSheet account page, go to sources, and reauthenticate the Microsoft source:…"

Going to give that a shot now… Cheers… :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the resolution! This is good to know.

I hadn’t thought about the secondary data source causing the same error. But it is a different OAuth provider so it makes sense.


Hi, i have the same problem, i go to sources put my Microsoft account and nothing.