Zapier AppSheet Account Expired

Hi everyone,

I’m getting an error from Zapier regarding the AppSheet account being expired, but when I re-enter the AppSheet Account ID and Access Key it says it’s expired. The Zap has been working with no issues for the last month or so and nothing has been changed that I’m aware of.

I tried removing the Inbound Channel in AppSheet and starting again but it didn’t help… Any ideas on what could be going on?

Many thanks

In Zapier, from accounts section remove the AppSheet account authenticate again.
You can see a option like reconnect too.

Might be related to that

Hi All, just wanted to let you know we are aware of the certificate expiration which causes all of the issues above and are working actively on renewing it and restoring the API access. We are getting close.

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HI All,
Can you all try again please?
We now have a new certificates loaded.

Thank you for your patience.



Hi Thierry,

The certificate error is gone - thanks!

Now it’s giving me an HTTP Status Code: 500 error. Do you know if something is likely to have happened with this? Or it could be something I had done earlier that caused the problem when I was trying to fix it. I removed the Channel In in AppSheet and re-added it, then changed Zapier to the new one, but it still happened. Any advice would be great!

Many Thanks

Hi Anton,
Hard to tell. If it is persisting, I’d encourage you to reach out to our support team ( so that they can see if they can replicate the issue and identify the root cause…

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Great thanks Thierry, will do.


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