Zapier Google Contact to Appsheet Sync Issues - not all new entries get added

Hi there,

I’ve been exploring using zapier, where I can manually save contact into my phone which is connected to Google Contacts, then zapier would be triggered to update a Master Contact List I have in appsheet.

The only issue with the sync is that when I manually save 3 contacts consecutively, then zapier would pick up three new entries (within the 15 minute sync refresh period), and only the first of 3 entries would make it through appsheet. The Master Contact List is in google sheet form.

I’m wondering if anyone is having the same issue? This would pretty much mean I can only add one new entry every 15 minutes if I can’t resolve it on my own.


So… the Zapier is updating your Response sheet but you can only see one new contact in every 15 minutes, is this correct?

@Aleksi yes this is correct.

There are multiple contacts I add, and Zapier triggers every 15 minutes. Only first of the multiple records is added. It’s the exact problem described in this thread here.

I tried opening the JSON template file link in the thread but it is a dead link.

Thank you.

Have you considered using a Zapier trigger that fires each time you add a contact?