Zapier post to GoogleSheet

Question about how Appsheet will sync data from GoogleSheets if Zapier posts to GoogleSheets.

I have a Website that captures form data that is then posted to GoogleSheets. No updates are done on the Website of that data

Will Appsheet sync this data to an application if I make one of the Appsheet Source Tables the GoogleSheet that recieves this data from the Website through Zapier and can it be edited in Appsheet?

From the purpose of Appsheet and reading up in the community it seems it will. I jst want to confirm my understanding because then I do not have to use Zapier’s Webhook approach to Appsheet as per the Help Documentation

It’s possible to invoke AppSheet API by adding a webhook:

@LeventK wont it require a Businesss Subscription If I access the REST API even through Zapier?

You can use Zapier to update the data contained in a Google Sheet.

If your AppSheet applications uses that Google Sheet as a data source, then your AppSheet application will see the update when it next syncs.

@LeventK based on your suggestion above, wont it require a Business Subscription If I access the REST API even through Zapier?

@Phil Thank you for the response. What would the benefit be then if I use the Webhook Zapier Appsheet approach vs Zapping to GoogleSheets and then just syncing to the App in Appsheet?
I assume Virtual Columns will not be calculated if it is not through the Appsheet Webhook in Zapier?

When you perform adds, updates, or deletes using the AppSheet API, we invoke workflow rules for the tables you modify.That is possible because AppSheet is performing the modifications, so it know to invoke the workflow rules.

When you modify the Google Sheet from Zapier, AppSheet is not aware that the modifications are occurring, so it cannot invoke the workflow rules. It is exactly as if you modified the Google Sheet values directly through the Google Worksheet web site. In both cases, the workflow rules are not invoked.

AppSheet will see the changes the next time the client performs a sync. This is true regardless of how the modification are performed. That my suffice in your case.

Thank you @Phil. Makes sense.
As I asked @LeventK above in the post based on his siggestions - wont it require a Business Subscription If I access the REST API even through Zapier?

For sure @Phil can answer better and detailed but webhook workflows are included in PRO plan. So I believe invoking a REST API endpoint to add, edit data via workflow does not need a Business Plan Subscription. We have complex client apps on PRO plan which we extensively use webhook workflows including AppSheet’s REST API. FYI.

@LeventK thank you for the clarification. Will let my Website developer know he must do a Zapier webhook straight into Appsheet and not directly to GoogleSheets then