Zoom in Map on PDF export

Hi there

I am looking for a method to zoom in on a map included in PDF export.

On my Word Template I have the field: <<[GPS Coordinate]>> which displays the Map on export. However I am unable to zoom the map in or out.

The <<[GPS Coordinate]>> field is set to type LatLong

Also is there a method to show the actual LatLong value (eg 27.4882, -23.9839) in the exported PDF along with the MAP?

Thank you

Unfortunately there is no way to control that.
You might change this to a feature request, as have some sort of zoom control would be nice.

I think someone made that request already, now that I think about it. :thinking:

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Thank you, appreciate the feedback.

Any chance the map on PDF export can be changed to Satellite view?

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