Ability to Rearrange the Table and Slices Order in the Data Tab


When working for quite a while on an App, you keep creating Tables as you discover their functionality. In the Spreadsheet, I can arrange the different Sheets (Tables or Slices in Appsheet) in the Order they make logical sense to be in.

In Appsheet however, the order in which they are displayed is the exact order in which they have been added to the App and there is so far, no way to rearrange them in a desired order. It would help a lot, for Admin Organisation Purposes and Ease of Reading the App Structure, to be able to reorganize the Tables and Slices.

As an example, when I started an App, I had a table for Users and some other Tables. In the mean time, I added a few new Tables, that have to do with the Users like - Types of users. It would help finding Tables faster if I could Group them together in the Data Tab list of Tables. Now, The Users Table is the second Table and the Types of Users is on the third row.

Looking foreword for this,
Thank you :smiley:

Yes please! Also custom grouping/folders for tables/slices/views/actions/etc

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I think this is long overdue. I’d also like to add that we don’t have an “App editing interface” category in which to post. This post has the “data” tag, which is fine, but it seems to me that it’s primarily about the interface. I think that improving the our work environment (that is, the editing interface) is also very important and so deserves its own category within this forum.

By the way, I recently posted about another aspect of the editing interface that I hope can be improved: