Accessing Automation Monitoring Tables


Is there a way for the App Creator to access the monitoring log data source?
I have a case where I want to create a Slice with only tasks that are Pending, and a View based on that.

By the way, there was something called Automation Monitoring Tables, will this be released eventually?


Out of curiosity, do we have any option to 'cancel" such a pending execution of task? I just have a possible use case and scenario where the user and app creator may want to cancel a execution of rest of task which is “peding” just wait for a condition to meet.

For instance, the approval process bot, the requester executes the BOT to initiate process. Then during the middle of process, the tasks are ceased until the condition does meet, such as approver change the status of the row to “Approved” by explicitely change the data by action. But it is possible that the requester ABORT the approval process as they noticed the requesting document is wrongly documented where they wish to stop (cancel) process. Wihtout cancel pending process, then it is danger that BOT may work unexpectedly. (do a job for cancelled process in reality)

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