[Action Required] Scan Functionality on Android White-Label Native Applications

Hello everyone,

As mentioned before in our community, AppSheet is updating the barcode and QR-code scanning capability in AppSheet apps.

Android white-label native applications using this feature now need to be updated by their app creators if their version is not yet 14.5 or higher.

What do you need to do?

Follow these steps to update your Android white-label applications.

You’ll then need to distribute the APK you get from AppSheet to your users.

When do you need to do this?

You need to make sure your users have the new APK by Thursday April 15th 2021. After that, your users may not be able to use the scanning functionality in the current version of their application. Other functionalities will remain operational.

Please reach out if you encounter issues along the way.

Thank you,

The AppSheet Team


We use a white labeled App Launcher but the apps we link to are not white labeled. Would we still need to do this?

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@Jonathon Timing…

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Yes you need to regenerate it. The specific app with scanner will run within the same white-labeled native app.


Stupid question, what is the version 14.5? Android is Android 11.
If I update the APK now before they update to this 14.5 or higher then update the phones I shouldn’t see any point where the barcode scanning stops right? These are store devices managed centrally so they probably aren’t being updated regularly so I’m hoping you say yes.

Hi @Austin_Lambeth,
14.5 is that app’s version number. 11 is Android operating system version number.
To keep using the barcode scanner you’ll need to update your app regardless of the Android OS version.

I hope this makes sense!


When I go to the deploy tab, it says disable or update but when I tried on a test app I had to disable the APK then make a new one. Does this mean that my app will not be functional until I get the new APK and can get it installed on the devices? Should I make a copy of my app that I update and put on the phones since our management software allows us to have more than one APK for an app?

Pressing the disable or update button would not invalidate your the existing version of your app.Your users will be able to continue using their app until they get the new apk.
I’m not sure if I understand your second question.


Your answer to the first part makes the second question null :slight_smile: thanks!