Actions on Images

Can I put actions on images in a gallery view in a dashboard? I have multiple images that I need to be able to go through and a button to go forward and backwards through images would be nice.

Could you elaborate what you would like to achieve for. I did not understand the part of go back and forth between the images.

So I have documents that I have converted each page into an image so that it displays in my apps dashboard. So I need to change the link to the image to be Page1, Page2, Page3, etc. I want this to be an action displayed in the gallery view that contains my image. This view is apart of an interactive dashboard.

Probably, i do understand your requirement now.

I dont now your current set up, but you do have two separate tables?

Parent table should save the list of the unique set of document with one image column for, lets say, cover image of the document.

Then second table do have and store the each page images.

Those two table are linked by REF…

On the child (each page image table) ref to the parent through the doc ID column i would say.

Then this should be fairly enough.

Out of the parent table, create the gallery view, using the image for the front page.

Then create another view out of child (second) table.

This second table can be detail view type.

Now two tables are connected each other.

Place two view to the dashboard and set the dashboard view, enable interactive.

Once the user select the image on the gallery view, the details view will be interacted and show only the page images associated with the selected doc.

Detail view can be scrolled right and left.

Once you see image on the detail view after selecting image out of gallery, it is just one page.
User can scroll right and left to go to the next pages.

Detail view need to be sorted by page number in ascnd.

Hope this could be what you are looking for.

Here’s a thread that I think is related:

@Austin_Lambeth Have you tried to use Card view?

@Aleksi I just tried card view and that does not give the desired behavior in a dashboard view. The cards are very small and hard to read as well they do not resize to fill the view when there is only a single image that needs to be displayed.

@Kirk_Masden I have already created a custom app launcher for our company so I am familiar with how that works. That might be able to give us the desired behavior but I do not have the number of pages stored anywhere so once the user clicks through they will be stuck at whatever page they have moved to. It’s possible the reset on edit feature might be able to assist with returning to page 1 but I will have to test and see.


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