Add a new row to another table AND open form to edit?

HI everyone, I was wondering if it´s possible to use an action to “add a new to row to another table using values from this row”, and somehow opening a form to edit that “new row” in the child table, all in one action.

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You’d need three actions:

  1. Create the row.

  2. Navigate to that new row.

  3. A grouped action to perform (1) and (2).


Kindly provide with an expressions example so as to perform the 3 steps mentioned above

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I’ve been struggling to find a way to do this for a couple of days and would also really appreciate a detailed answer. It seems like a scenario that will crop up frequently.

In principal same trick will solve.


You can also just create 1 action:
APP Go to another view in this app.
For a record of: “The original table”
LINKTOFORM(“Target form”,
“Original row1”, “Target row1”,
“Original row2”, “Target row2”,
“Original row3”, “Target row3”)

But this way you end up in i form with what ever new data you’d like, and would have to save it before changes take place.


Hey Kristofer, Yes! That’s the way to do it, many thanks.

Note to developers: maybe this link should be included as the “App link” in the Behaviour section of the
form description to give a hint. The current suggestion seems not as helpful.

Regards, Tim.


Found this thread as I have the same requirement.
I agree that this would be easier to be an available action in the behavior page.
“Open a form to add a new row to another table

Submited this as a feature request

In my case “LINKTOROW(maxrow(“yourtargettablename”,”_RowNumber"), “formviewnameofthetargettable”)" is openning a white screen

Please post a screenshot of Expression Assistant showing the complete expression.

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The expression looks good.

Please post a screenshot of the configuration for the formvieworders view.

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