Adding events to Google Calendar

Hi. First time posting here. I’m hoping that someone can help me.

I have found a topic that addresses my question (Link a date to google calendar so it is added to the calendar) but honestly I struggled to follow the advice given.

I have created a quoting app for our travel and tourism business. When a quote is accepted and confirmed, I would like to add the itinerary into a Google calendar.

The only fields that I need to update will be ‘Title’, ‘Date From’ and ‘Date To’.

The topic I referred to above suggests creating a virtual column of type ‘URL’ with a URL script that supposedly adds the event to the calendar. I don’t understand which table should contain this virtual column, though. I also don’t understand what is going to trigger the addition to the calendar.

Any help that you can offer would be great.

Thanks a lot

Have you checked this article how Google calendar works?

Praveen is making a workflow enhancement that will add an appointment to a Google calendar by including an calendar attachment with the workflow email. That should be released in the next few days. That might help you.


Thanks Aleksi. Yes, I did read that article but it doesn’t explain how you would go about adding a new calendar entry from a workflow rule or action. I am wanting to copy data from an existing table over to the relevant Google calendar fields.

Hi Phil. That does sound like it would be pretty useful for me. Will you guys notify users when that feature is released?

Praveens’s new feature is probably something you are looking for!

Praveen is hoping to release the feature this week.

Hi Philip. Thanks for your reply. Do you know if this feature was released? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

I am checking with Praveen to get an update.

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Hi Phil

Any update there? Thanks

Have you seen this new feature?