Address bug new update

Hi Guys

in order to create and address on my apps, I use the formula

=J24&" “&K24&” "&L24

this combines the columns to make an address. On the app, markers are at the right address but when I click on the car link to google maps, the address is entered but instead of a space between street suburb and state there is a % so the address is not recognised in maps. This only occurs on IOS devices with today’s appsheet update and when checked on my windows laptop its works as normal.


P.S, I’m an Arborist and not very tech savvy so please go easy!

I would suggest converting the spreadsheet formula to an Appsheet formula. It is very easy, practically the same expression, just replace J24,K24,L24 with the column names…

[col1] & " " & [col2] & " " & [col3]

Put that in an App Formula.

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Hi Chris,

I am not sure this is relevant, but in case you were not aware.

If you are constructing an address from a combination of Street, City, State, and Zip fields then Appsheet can do this automatically. See topic “Automatically Computed Address Field” in this article

Appsheet will automatically recognize that the combined fields form a single address. It will also automatically add a Lat/Long virtual column that contains the GPS coordinates computed from the address.


Oh cool, I didn’t know that either.

Hi @Phil,
I went and tried this just now, it did indeed add a _ComputedAddress virtual column!
However it did not add any Lat/Long columns, and the article you linked does not reference this aspect either.

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